Journal Publications


  1. [Preprint] A Predictive Model of the Temperature-Dependent Inactivation of Coronaviruses
    T.F. Yap, Z. Liu, R.A. Shveda, D.J. Preston
    ChemRxiv, 2020
  2. Smart Thermally Actuating Textiles
    V. Sanchez, C.J. Payne, D.J. Preston, J.T. Alvarez, J.C. Weaver, A.T. Atalay, M. Boyvat, D.M. Vogt, R.J. Wood, G.M. Whitesides, and C.J. Walsh
    Advanced Materials Technologies, 2000383, 2020
  3. Effects of Airborne Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer
    Y. Song, L. Zhang, Z. Liu, D.J. Preston, E.N. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, 116(253702), 2020
  4. Heat Transfer Suppression by Suspended Droplets on Microstructured Surfaces
    M. Wei, Y. Song, Y. Zhu, D.J. Preston, C.S. Tan, E.N. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, 116(233703), 2020
  5. Analysis of Powders Containing Illicit Drugs Using Magnetic Levitation
    C.K. Abrahamsson, A. Nagarkar, M.J. Fink, D.J. Preston, S. Ge, J.S. Bozenko, G.M. Whitesides
    Angewandte Chemie, 59(2), 2020Featured on Back Cover

  6. 2019

  7. Enhanced Condensation for Improved Energy Efficiency
    Z. Liu, D.J. Preston
    Joule, 3(5), 2019
  8. A Soft Ring Oscillator
    D.J. Preston, H.J. Jiang, V. Sanchez, P. Rothemund, J. Rawson, M.P. Nemitz, W.-K. Lee, Z. Suo, C.J. Walsh, G.M. Whitesides
    Science Robotics, 4(31), 2019
  9. Storage of Information Using Small Organic Molecules
    B.J. Cafferty, A.S. Ten, M.J. Fink, S. Morey, D.J. Preston, M. Mrksich, G.M. Whitesides
    ACS Central Science, 5(5), 2019
  10. Digital Logic for Soft Devices
    D.J. Preston, P. Rothemund, H.J. Jiang, M.P. Nemitz, J. Rawson, Z. Suo, G.M. Whitesides
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 1820672116, 2019
  11. Fabricating 3D Structures by Combining 2D Printing and Relaxation of Strain
    B.J. Cafferty, V.E. Campbell, P. Rothemund, D.J. Preston, A. Ainla, N. Fulleringer, A.C. Diaz, A.E. Fuentes, D. Sameoto, J.A. Lewis, G.M. Whitesides
    Advanced Materials Technologies, 4(1), 1800299, 2019

  12. 2018

  13. Toward Condensation-Resistant Omniphobic Surfaces
    K.L. Wilke, D.J. Preston, Z. Lu, E.N. Wang
    ACS Nano, 12(11), 2018
  14. Active Fume Hood Sash Height Monitoring with Audible Feedback
    L.L. Becerra, J.A. Ferrua, M.J. Drake, D. Kumar, A.S. Anders, E.N. Wang, D.J. Preston
    Energy Reports, 4 (645–652), 2018
  15. Gravitationally-Driven Wicking for Enhanced Condensation Heat Transfer
    D.J. Preston, K.L. Wilke, Z. Lu, S.S. Cruz, Y. Zhao, L.L. Becerra, E.N. Wang
    Langmuir, 34(15), 2018
  16. High-Throughput Density Measurement Using Magnetic Levitation
    S. Ge, Y. Wang, N.J. Deshler, D.J. Preston, G.M. Whitesides
    JACS, 140(24), 2018
  17. A Soft, Bistable Valve for Autonomous Control of Soft Actuators
    P. Rothemund, A. Ainla, L. Belding, D.J. Preston, S. Kurihara, Z. Suo, G.M. Whitesides
    Science Robotics, 3(16), 2018
  18. Jumping Droplets Push the Boundaries of Condensation Heat Transfer
    D.J. Preston, E.N. Wang
    Joule, 2(2), 2018
  19. Heat Transfer Enhancement during Water and Hydrocarbon Condensation on Lubricant Infused Surfaces
    D.J. Preston, Z. Lu, Y. Song, Y. Zhao, K.L. Wilke, D.S. Antao, M. Louis, E.N. Wang
    Scientific Reports, 8(540), 2018
  20. Effects of Millimetric Geometric Features on Dropwise Condensation under Different Vapor Conditions
    Y. Zhao,* D.J. Preston,* Z. Lu, L. Zhang, J. Queeney, E.N. Wang (*Equal Contribution)
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 119, 2018

  21. 2017

  22. Design of Lubricant Infused Surfaces
    D.J. Preston, Y. Song, Z. Lu, D.S. Antao, E.N. Wang
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9(48), 2017
  23. Coexistence of Pinning and Moving on a Contact Line
    Z. Lu,* D.J. Preston,* D.S. Antao, Y. Zhu, E.N. Wang (*Equal Contribution)
    Langmuir, 33(36), 2017
  24. An Ultrathin Nanoporous Membrane Evaporator
    Z. Lu, K.L. Wilke, D.J. Preston, I. Kinefuchi, E. Chang-Davidson, E.N. Wang
    Nano Letters, 17(10), 2017

  25. 2016

  26. Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Actuation of a Vertical Translation and Angular Manipulation Stage
    D.J. Preston, A. Anders, B. Barabadi, E. Tio, Y. Zhu, D.A. Dai, E.N. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, 109(24), 2016
  27. Nanoengineered Materials for Liquid-Vapour Phase-Change Heat Transfer
    H.J. Cho, D.J. Preston, Y. Zhu, E.N. Wang
    Nature Reviews Materials, 2, 2016
  28. Electrically Induced Drop Detachment and Ejection
    A. Cavalli, D.J. Preston, E. Tio, D.W. Martin, N. Miljkovic, E.N. Wang, F. Blanchette, J.W.M. Bush
    Physics of Fluids, 28(022101), 2016
  29. Porous Cu Nanowire Aerosponges from One-Step Assembly and their Applications in Heat Dissipation
    S.M. Jung, D.J. Preston, H.Y. Jung, Z. Deng, E.N. Wang, J. Kong
    Advanced Materials, 28(7), 2016

  30. 2015

  31. Scalable Graphene Coatings for Enhanced Condensation Heat Transfer
    D.J. Preston, D.L. Mafra, N. Miljkovic, J. Kong, E.N. Wang
    Nano Letters, 15(5), 2015

  32. 2014

  33. Effect of Hydrocarbon Adsorption on the Wettability of Rare Earth Oxide Ceramics
    D.J. Preston, N. Miljkovic, J. Sack, J. Queeney, E.N. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, 105(011601), 2014
  34. Jumping Droplet Electrostatic Charging and Effect on Vapor Drag
    D.J. Preston, N. Miljkovic, R. Enright, E.N. Wang
    Journal of Heat Transfer, 136(8), 2014
  35. Jumping-Droplet Electrostatic Energy Harvesting
    N. Miljkovic, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, E.N. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, 105(013111), 2014
  36. Ostwald Ripening During Freezing on Scalable Superhydrophobic Surfaces
    N. Miljkovic, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, E.N. Wang
    Journal of Heat Transfer, 136(8), 2014

  37. 2013

  38. Electric-Field-Enhanced Condensation on Superhydrophobic Nanostructured Surfaces
    N. Miljkovic, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, E.N. Wang
    ACS Nano, 7(12), 2013
  39. Electrostatic Charging of Jumping Droplets
    N. Miljkovic, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, E.N. Wang
    Nature Communications, 4(2517), 2013
  40. Condensation on Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Nanostructured Superhydrophobic and Oil-Infused Surfaces
    N. Miljkovic, R. Xiao, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, I.S. McKay, E.N. Wang
    Journal of Heat Transfer, 135(8), 2013
  41. Jumping Droplet Dynamics on Scalable Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Surfaces
    N. Miljkovic, D.J. Preston, R. Enright, S. Adera, Y. Nam, E.N. Wang
    Journal of Heat Transfer, 135(8), 2013
  42. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Retrofit of HID Factory Lighting with More Energy-Efficient Alternatives
    D.J. Preston, K.A. Woodbury
    Energy Efficiency, 6(2), 2013

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